November 1, 2006


Australia provides Papua New Guinea (PNG) with an annual aid package to the tune of around $300 million.

Seems that PNG and Australian pollies are having a bit of a tiff.

PNG are now threatening to stop taking the entire aid package from Oz.

Fast footed tactics and political daring-doo! Nah, nah, nah, we will block your $300 M aid to us; you’ll have to find something else to spend it on – so there!

Tee hee.

Mental memo: never send PNG pollies to negotiate with terrorists. Or anyone.


  1. Yeah, it's too easy to laugh, until one remembers that those fools in the PNG (and other Pacific) leadership are running their countries into the ground. I actually agree to a large extent with the Aust Govt's 'tough love' approach, and the emphasis on 'improving governance' in these failed states, because (well obviously) it's the only way forward. On the other hand, I find the Govt's strutting for the domestic audience on this issue just a bit tacky. But maybe that's just me.

  2. Oh yeah - it's only funny very superficially Jacob (and I am, if nothing else, superficial).

    That the PNG gov't would further abuse their citizens by blocking aid to their own country ... well, fuck, if that isn't perverted and sadistic. And they would blame the Oz gov't.

  3. ... All that strutting ... I think it's a bit lost on the Oz electorate. It's not a burning issue for most people; not exactly at front & centre of their concerns.

  4. True enough. And I supppose the strutting thing is the angle that would be most likely to strengthen domestic support for the Govt's approach. Okay, call me a cynic...

    Perverted and sadistic? Effectively it is, but I doubt it's a conscious thing. Seems to me those leaders don't have their eye one way or another on the welfare of their populations. Just general clueless opportunism, most likely.

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Like a little kid threatening to hold its breath until it dies.

  6. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Hmmm. Not that bad a line. I might give it an airing at Blair's place.

    But remember Caz. I posted it here first.

  7. Hey, it's always best to practice off-Broadway first, to perfect your craft Geoff.

    You are free to wipe your feet here any time. This blog has to be used for something meaningful ... otherwise if would be both superficial and pointless.

  8. ...and narcissism. That's clueless opportunism and narcissism.

    Don't know why I didn't think of it before ... or what suddenly suggested it to me.

  9. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Brilliant !!!!! Just brilliant!!
    Where's the DUCK Caz?

    Well,(sniff) I think I'll just pack up my cricket bat and ball and GO HOME!!( more sniffs)

    So there !!!


    Btw Caz, can you make sure I put the full stops in the correct places?

    Thanks mate.

  10. "Duck Thursday" - oooarr, just doesn't have the same ring to it Kath.

    Your usage of comas was pleasing.

  11. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Fuck a duck Caz ..(Kath blushes crimson red)

    You're right mate..

    And I haven't even had a drink since the weekend( Hmm maybe that's the problem)

    Glad to see someone's on the ball( Kath turns back page on desk calender to Thursday)

    As you were... (as you say)

  12. I thought maybe you'd put your clock forward ... by a few too many hours ...