November 15, 2006

Blog filler ...

Sorry folks, still being "sporadic". But, let's not allow that to spoil the fun of reading other reliably excellent posts from far more sophisticated bloggers.

Today's offering is care of the wonderful Borowitz Report.

Even if you don't like Bush humor, read to the end and enjoy the Kate Moss humor - it's a beautiful thing.

Scientists Demote Bush Presidency to Dwarf Status

White House Joins Pluto in New Classification

An international group of scientists who demoted the planet Pluto to dwarf status three months ago met in Oslo, Norway today and reclassified the Bush White House as a dwarf presidency.

In the aftermath of the midterm elections, in which the president's party lost control of both the House and the Senate, the scientists called an emergency meeting in Oslo to determine if the Bush administration in fact still qualified as a presidency.

But with the president's approval rating in a free fall, it became clear even before the scientists convened that some sort of reclassification along the lines of the Pluto demotion was in order.

"When the president's approval rating fell below Kevin Federline's, that was the last nail in the coffin," said Dr. Hiroshi Kyosuke of the University of Tokyo.

According to Dr. Kyosuke, one of the seventy scientists who gathered in Oslo to reassess the Bush presidency, dwarf status means that Mr. Bush is "less than a president, but more than a mayor."

In another troubling sign that Mr. Bush may be a has-been, White House spokesman Tony Snow revealed today that the president had signed on to make an appearance on the ABC series "Dancing with the Stars."

ABC spokesperson Carol Foyler confirmed that the president was slated to appear, but added that Mr. Bush was far from the network's first choice.

"We wanted Nancy Pelosi, but she said she was too busy," Ms. Foyler said.

Elsewhere, after a new study showed that the human body produces a painkiller several times more potent than morphine, supermodel Kate Moss attempted to inhale herself.


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    A crack up Caz.. I like to start my mornings with a good laugh.

    And that Kate Moss quip.. Lol!..

    Well,,, it was quintessentially Kate!

  2. Drunka - it's Fed-ex now; try to keep up.

    Kath - it's hard to go past a Kate Moss joke, especially when they're real.

    One I read the other week, and never got around to writing up - supposedly a true story:

    Moss was on a location shoot, or such, and asked if there was a toilet she could use. Helpful assistant replied "yes", but offered the warning that the toilet had no door. Moss replied in fury: "well how the fuck am I supposed to get in?"

    Sounds real enough to me!

    Tee, hee.

  3. Anonymous11:20 PM

    And to me too mate!