October 25, 2006

There’s no place like a Bali jail

Yes, being in a Bali jail is a tough gig, for the guilty or the innocent or the rather suss, I have no doubt about that.

However, it doesn’t compare to the appalling first-world rigmarole of arranging a visit to someone in an Australian jail. Not to mention “how many big butch sheilas are there”.

Remember, all the way back at the beginning of the year?

With the Oz government still negotiating on an agreement that would allow Australian prisoners to come on home to serve their term in our modern prison system, and to be rather more conveniently located for visits from family and friends, the Corby camp has been steadfast in rejecting such an option for Schapelle Coby – she of the boogy-board-full-of-drugs and the baggage-handler-did-it infamy.

Commenting on the soon to be released shock-horror book by Corby, mum Rosleigh says:

“her daughter would not be afraid of suffering consequences in the Bali prison for her tell-all book because "nothing could be worse than what Schapelle is going through right now".

Well no, nothing could be worse, other than the perils of the rigmarole of Australian jails and all those big butch sheilas.

But hang on a minute … what’s that from Schapelle Corby, in her own words:

"I felt sure their (Bali nine) crime of trafficking heroin had contributed to me getting 20 years," Corby said.

"I was terrified of Renae Lawrence. I thought she'd pick on me, start fights and ram my head into the cement walls. All the girls who had been sharing cells with her had been telling stories about the freak.

"She refused to let anyone else sleep if she was awake. She kicked them in the head, sexually hit on them, punched them.

"So, by the time she checked in at Kerobokan (prison), I imagined Renae as a psychopathic lesbian. I was scared to death of her."

Sheesh - you pick the well-appointed jail of your choice after much careful deliberation and you still can’t avoid the big butch Aussie sheilas!


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    If you can't do the big butch sheilas, don't do the crime.

  2. Very wise words of advice Darlene.

  3. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I don't understand why the media have done such a total 360 on Schapelle Corby. Do they want to make a homophobe out of her too?!
    The comments were taken out of context. She was only saying what she'd heard about her from other prisoners. In the very next sentence, Corby described how very sorry she felt for Renae Lawrence the moment she laid eyes on her:

    "She looked like a frightened mouse. Her face was full of terror. Her big blue eyes eyes spilling tears, Renae trailed behind the guards like a lost lamb."

    The extract went on to describe how they've since bonded. Lawrence herself has spoken very highly of Schapelle and they are friends now.

    The parents of some of the Bali Nine were tracked down by someone who runs a Free Schapelle site and they concur:

    "The families of the Bali Nine who were contacted don't support the views portrayed in the media, that Ms Corby hates or blames the Bali Nine.

    "It's all been blown out of context. They [the Bali Nine] all know that Ms Corby was wary in the beginning but know she does not hate them, or hold them responsible now. Ms Corby will be horrified to know what the media have done but rest assured, the nine Australians detained with her have not taken to heart anything that has been said in the media. They understand it's all hype."

    The one all ten of them probably hate is Michelle Leslie.
    I shouldn't be glib about it though. Six of them have a date with a firing squad coming up. :(

  4. I thought the US press was bad, but reading the thing the Aussie press prints aobut this case is insane.

    Hiding all that pot in a vinyl boogie board and expect to get away with it? Stupid.

    The whole thing could have been resolved by finger printing the inside of the case and comparing it to airport workers.

    The whole thing could have been resolved with DNA testing.

    None of it was done, and this poor woman sits to rot in jail on a ver Poor prima facia case.

    Talk about a miscarriage of justice. How anyone could think this woman is actually guilty is beyond me.

  5. Captcorajus (and ain't that a mouthful of a blogger name!) - I don't think I've read a single word by the Oz media suggesting that Corby is actually guilty. If any of them believe she is, they remain circumspect, to say the least. They don't hold back on reporting all the lurid details about both Corby and her immediate family members though (and nor should they), but they do pull the punches, leaving it up to the reader to join the dots, or not, and to draw their own conclusions.

    If anything, coverage is biased very much in her favor, for no other reason than her high profile and "popularity" amongst the masses - it's certainly NOT because there is any evidence of her innocence.

    I've yet to come across any journalist willing to incur the wrath of the masses by directly suggesting that either Corby or one her travelling companions did, in fact, have full or partial knowledge of the boogy-board haul.

    It's only now, with the release of this book, that the media seem to have had, well, a bit of a gut-full of the whole thing, and are finding themselves yawning, or poking a bit of fun (see my subsequent post about the book).

    You make a sweeping assumption about miscarriage of justice, but you actually have no basis for that belief.

    If the inside of the casing had been finger printed, I'm pretty sure the first prints to be compared would have been Corby and her family & friends. No one would have been jumping to line up hundreds of baggage handlers as a first port of call.

    As for DNA testing - of what? Sweat, someone salivating on the inside of the bag while they shoved in four kilos of dope?

    This is not CSI - on which around 60 to 80% of what they do is not possible in real life.

    Even the finger printing, that is, obtaining a clean, clear set of prints, may have been a stretch. Who knows.

    Of course, it could be that the family is very fortunate that no such testing was done. As it stands, Corby continues to have wide support and blanket sympathy from the public. Finger printing may have produced a rather different public reaction, or a different member of the travel party in jail - or even proof for jailing more than one of the party.

    All speculation. We will never know the truth, unless someone fesses up before they die.