October 10, 2006

New feathered friend

The world has a new feathered friend, and a pretty little fellow too.

The Yariguies brush-finch has been found in the previously unexplored Andean cloud forest.


  1. Are you sure it's not genetically engineered?

  2. I saw a much better pic in the paper yesterday, and it really is one very impressive birdie. Appeared to be coloured and blow-waved to within an inch of its life - even had a little red mowhawk thing going on too.

    If this is an example of genetic engineering, it's a damn fine job and we should step up the program.

    Up until now, all we've had is cloned sheep that age rapidly and die, and in the meantime they look just like a sheep.

  3. It's a beautiful bird. I especially like it's little red top.

  4. Wish I had a better pic Cubicle; this one is a bit fuzzy. The red top is actually a very neat and stylish mowhawk arrangement.