October 16, 2006

Masculinity is messy

A primary school headmistress in Norway has tried to ban boys from urinating while standing up, because the school cleaners complained that the little lads had yet to perfect their aim, thus leading to … increased cleaning needs.

As one mother commented, it takes painstaking effort to teach little men how to aim properly, and now the school wants to undo all that hard work.

Now, call me silly if you will (go on, go ahead!), but it seems to me that if cleaners are complaining about having to actually clean things – messy things – it’s time to stand down those cleaners, rather than sitting the boys down.

It has to be said: the principal’s suggested solution is piss weak!

Perhaps the little lads need to be able to urinate in style to help keep their minds on the business.


  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Headmistress is pissing in the wind I reckon Caz!! How ludicrous!

    As for the cleaners .... If they don't want to clean, tell 'em to piss off!

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Could you imagine people who clean up pub toilets asking the same thing?

    That's just a way of making the boys feel bad about themselves and their bodies.

  3. Good example Darlene. There are far worse public toilets than school toilets that real people clean as a real job everyday. With any luck, they eventually move onto something better, but in the mean time they get on and do the work they're being paid to do, in full knowledge that it's not all perfume and roses.

  4. According to blogger Pavlov's Cat, it's an example of misogyny - turning on the argument, I think, that it's misogynistic to assume that girls are neater than boys. Although that could be a misinterpretation. Not sure about that argument, myself ...

  5. I think both misogynistic points are demonstrably untrue.

    Girl’s toilets and girls toileting habits are, in general, never as disgusting as boys. Ergo, girl’s public toilets are rarely as disgusting as the boy’s. This is not to suggest that girl toilets don’t ever get to a level of grossness – they can and do – but the boy’s loos will always outdo the girl’s loo for pure ickiness. This is an observable and measurable fact.

    Boys are born with penises, this is another factual statement; perhaps some women still need to get over it. Baby boys are very proud of their penis, and play with it often. Boys never grow out of this phase, until death. For boys, handling their penis and using it in a directional manner, such as standing up to take aim and pee, is as normal as breathing, and is one minor daily ritual that helps them to identify with and be part of the larger masculine group.

  6. Anonymous12:04 AM

    It's one of the great and terrible ironies of life that once the " bad aim" problem is conquered, apparently forever, it returns with a vengeance much later in life.

  7. Ah, but for a brief shining moment, a man can take pride in his ability to stand tall and aim straight Geoff.

  8. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Speaking of standing tall and shooting straight, is that you kicking the stuffing out of that wus Mr Lefty at TSSH, Caz?

  9. No, but now I wish I had the time and could the credit Geoff!

  10. Anonymous11:49 PM

    The headmistress was being a bit thick, I agree. I mean, why make them stop doing what they have been programmed to do since their early years when she could just sack the cleaners? Honestly, I'd rather the board look into this matter immediately. Seems like the headmistress shouldn't be headmistress at all.