October 6, 2006

Duck Friday


  1. Kathy9:27 AM

    Hmmmm.... Now where did I put that bowling ball???

  2. Ouch!

    Now Kath's true colours come out! (Rescuer of duck families, indeed. Hmmm.)

  3. Drunkawife10:08 AM

    I like how they seem to be peeking around each other, especially the ones in the back.

    Check out Drunkablog tomorrow (it's still Thursday here). While D-a-B is out of town I'm going to sneak in a "Some-Kind-Of-Animal Friday." I'm leaning toward "Weird Bird Friday." I hope that won't be stepping on the toes of anyone else who has a bird theme for Friday. It's just that I discovered I have a lot of pictures of weird birds. My evil plan is to keep doing Weird Bird Friday even after Drunkahusband returns. That will teach him to hand out his password to just anybody!

  4. Being a rescuer of duck families is not all it's quacked up to be Caz!
    In fact it's a rather thankless task. All you get are honks of derision and hisses of disgust.

    This little black duck is done with duck do gooding!!(Try sayin' that when your hissed.. er pissed)

    Now .... Where was I??
    Oh.... Yeah....
    (Kath carefully aims ball)

    STRIKE!!!!!!!!(Kath jumps high and punches air)

    Oh what a feeling!!!!

  5. Rubber ducky you're the one.

  6. Oooooh, you're treading a fine line of friendshp there Mrs Drunka, it is, after all, still within the feathered family.

    On the other hand, and I'm loath to admit this, so please don't tell anyone my dirty little secret: I only came up with my "Duck Friday" concept (and what a gorg-e-arse concept it is, I'm sure we all agree) after being exposed to a range of very attractive duck-butt-fans over on a certain Drunkablog. Nonetheless, I retain all credit for the innovation and creativity of "Duck Friday" itself (trade marked).

    All things considered, if you must tread into animalistic Fridays - and don't we all succumb, eventually? - then I suppose I must concede your right to stay within the field of feathered friends.

    BTW - I too still have the Drunka's password. Tee, hee. He really does hand it out to just anybody!

  7. It's latish, it's Friday night: now, I want you to go stand in the corner on one foot Kath, with your pointer finger on your nose and say the following 12 times quickly:

    "Ducky do gooding quacks."

    Go on, you can do it ... without falling over.

  8. kATHY9:16 PM

    Ha ha ha ha hja ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ajha ha .

    . Fair dinkum mate I just cracked up... TOOO too funny.!!


  9. Oh, I'm sorry, you thought I was jesting?

    I want the photographs.

    Better still the video.

  10. I would like very much to duck Friday.

  11. Kathy9:55 PM

    AS Sonny AND Cher said " You got Me Babe"

  12. Aaahh. How sweet. Twenty yellow little duckies with lipstick and eye make-up.

    What can I say? Obviously the queue outside the auditions for the next Managing Director of Webdiary.

  13. Geoff - that's plain mean and insulting to ducks everywhere; they wouldn't point their beaks at WD!

    They're sure not auditioning for Extreme Makeover; they're beau-diff-ful already. (But then again, after Kath's careless efforts earlier in the day ... )

  14. What's you talkin' 'bout Caz!!

  15. Hey Caz I can arrange an extreemme make over for your ducks ...

  16. This is a line I read somewhere earlier today, slightly amended. I sure hope it wasn't here.

    Why do ducks fly upside down over Webdiary?

    Because there's nothing there worth crapping on.

  17. Ah Geoff, that IS a line!

    Kath - go to bed, NOW!

  18. Geoff - err, it's not only a line, it's a "GOOD" line ... oops.

  19. Aye Aye Captain ( Kath Salutes )

    NitE nITE Cazz,... ZZZZxzzzzzzzzzzz..zzzzz

  20. We have a male rubber ducky that swims in our pool and acts as a thermometer. I think he would be interesting in meeting your 20 rather attractive female duckys (or is that duckies?) ;-)

    Happy Friday! Don't forget to smile.