September 8, 2006

Oh, gross!

Only click if you have an overwhelming need to see a photograph of a python after it has eaten a pregnant ewe.

Yes, yes, it really is "ewe" to look at too.



  1. A lamb in the ewe, a ewe in the python ... it's like a real-life version of 'I Know An Old Lady That Swallowed A Fly'

  2. Actually, looking at that picture takes me back last weekend when I saw 'Snakes in a Plane'.

  3. Did you do a film review on your blog?

    If not, I demand one here. Would very much appreciate your educated thoughts on the snake film.

  4. I did, oddly enough - though I left my educated thoughts at the door while seeing the film.

  5. Just a few more thoughts on that, since the review itself is just a play around with the concept -

    - It's a bit of a mixed genre film, 'disaster'/horror/comedy being the main genres.

    - They play on the claustrophic atmosphere of the plane quite a bit - there are a few scenes in toilets.

    - The film really does deliver on the snakes - they range from the tiny (about the width of a finger) to the absolutely huge (anacondas and pythons), though being a film, it's the ones with the more distinctive markings that appear most frequently. I'd like to know more about the training of the snakes for this film, incidentally.

    - The dialogue mostly seems to be one-syllable words: "Get off my fucking dick, you snake!"

    - It'd be interesting to see a Freudian analysis of the film, as there are several sexual subtexts in the plot.

    - Without giving away plot details, the last quarter of the film is really ridiculously unlikely, but it was certainly a plot twist I didn't see coming, and it seemed a decent way to round this concept film off.

    - I wouldn't be surprised if they're angling for sequels.

  6. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Dialogue sounds like good cerebral stuff Timmy!!

    Hey Caz you know that "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog." don't cha mate.

    Tim reckons Jeremiah was a penguin!!
    But... we know Caz

    Jeremiah was a bullfrog..
    Was a good friend of mine..

    He's confusing me though.
    Wants to know which came first the bull or the frog?????

  7. I watched "March of the Penguins", and there was no bull and no frogs. That puts paid to Timmy's theory.

    I think I can assert, with some level of expertise at this moment, that the frog came first. Have cold coming on rapidly. Froggy, but no bull just yet. Ipso facto: the frog came before the bull.

  8. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Have yourself a nice hot toddy mate! Make sure you put a good dose of Scotch whisky in it!

    Take care my friend!

  9. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Hey Caz , hope you're feeling better this morning mate.

    Was that your letter in the 'Weekend Magazine' re tatoos?

  10. Kath - sick as serveral dogs, only just got up and dragging myself around in a determindely pathetic manner.

    Don't have papers yet, as you'd gather, but yeah, very likely. Really gets my goat that their problem panel give out incorrect or ludicrous advice every other week.

  11. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Hope you are up and about again soon mate! Make sure you take it easy and REST.

    Good letter Caz. With an
    accompanying photo I might add!

    First one I saw when I turned to the letters page, while having my morning coffe.

    Yeah, the problem panel..I particularly have a problem with that twit Ruth Ostrow. Sometimes I think she's away with the faires!!

    Anyhow... Take care and get well soon!!!!.

  12. Gosh, you're right - feature letter and everything! How exciting.

    "Sometimes" you think Ruth Ostrow is away with the fairies? Only sometimes Kath?

    What pisses me off the most is that she is yet another of those selfish, self *absorbed, self obsessed individuals, with sufficient wealth to be able to do whatever she wants, and is deluded enough to believe that she is sharing "wisdom" with the world at large. She actually believes that others not only can, but should, follow her "life style" and her thinking, and oh gosh, what a much better place the world would be.

    Tosh! Total, total tosh!

    Her superficial airy-fairy opinions are worthless.

    Most people don't have the option, nor do they want the option, of obsessing about themselves 24 hours a day. That is Ruthie's contribution to the world, and she gets paid handsomely for it. Go figure.

    *Phew* - will now go have nap to recover from that effort. Even my eye balls hurt - I am pathetic bundle of illness.

    BTW - good film reviewing Timmy. As always, much appreciated. It's like having a personal canary to throw out into the cultural world to test the oxygen. I'm convinced that thousands of lives are saved every week by your efforts and risk taking.

  13. Kath - I fixed up the chicken this arvo and it's marinading for tomorrow night's dinner. However, I couldn't resist cooking a thigh tonight, just to give it a go. You know how it is. Two words - DA BOMB!

  14. I see Tim's talking about a ridiculously unlikely plot in Snakes On A Plane. I reckon I can top that. Has anyone seen The Transporter 2?

  15. James - no, haven't seen either of the films myself, but I'm struggling with the idea that there is a more unlikely plot for a film.

    Do tell?

  16. Actually, the overarching plot of Snakes On A Plane is (from what I've read) marginally more unbelievable than The Transporter 2, however in aggregate suspension of disbelief terms, I reckon Transporter 2 might just carry the day.

  17. That photo reminds me of how I often feel on Thanksgiving Day after gorging myself on turkey and trimmings.


  18. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Caz, are you feeling better mate!Haven't seen you round the traps for the last couple of days.

    Hope you are fightin' fit now!

  19. Thanks for asking Kath. Still in recovery mode, and going slow about it too. Still sound like a frog, still have very little energy. Pacing myself and only doing things that must be done. Hope I'm back to normal by next week.

  20. Are you feeling better now? At least you're heading into spring; pretty soon it's gonna be cold season in the N. hemisphere and we'll all be dragging around while you're at the beach.