September 15, 2006

Duck Friday

Still a sick little duckie in this part of the woods.


  1. Sorry to hear, Caz. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Tuck your little head under your wing and have a well needed rest duckie.
    PS Boomers or bust!
    Down with X,Y and Z....

  3. Anonymous12:06 PM

    That's one sure smug duck you've got there Caz. That's a duck that's been around. Her own carefully mown lawn, her own swimming pool and what looks like a floating toy (a rubber human that squeaks when you squeeze it?) and a belly so full she could be Mama Cas.

    Are all your ducks so spoilt Mama Caz?

  4. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Duck Friday is so much more classy than another blogger's Girl Friday.

    Caz, how goes life?

  5. Don't know about the idea of using people on a Friday Darlene, doesn't it corrupt the whole idea of adopting an animal?

    Blogging ailurophiles all over the world would take up arms in protest.

    As for how goes life - ah, so sick it's scary. Had emergency supplies shipped in today. Hoping horseradish and garlic and kelp and grapefruit seed extract will either cure me or kill me. Difficult to tell so far, but I sure do smell.

  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Take it easy Caz. Plenty of rest, fluids and attention from people who count.

    A few toddies won't do any harm either. Whisky (or Whiskey) generously poured into a saucepan over moderate to high heat with plenty of honey and lemon juice mixed in. Keep stirring but do not boil. Administer as required.

    If that doesn't work I will send you my mother's chicken soup recipe. This has been known to cure every ailment known to humankind.

  7. caz, I'm sorry to hear you're not well. I'm sending get well soon vibes your way.

    I hope you feel well enough to check out today's special Cat Blog Friday. It's right up your alley.

    BTW I'm, one ailurophile blogger who doesn't mind what others want to highlight on Fridays...goats, ducks, amoeba... whatever floats your boat.

  8. Cube: Kitties getting into the ailurophile act. Now I've seen everything. And you know what they're really thinking: "A baby Ducky! Yum! (Feel better, Cazworth.)

  9. mmm-hmm, I was thinking myself that the cute widdle kitty was in fact 'tenderising' the cute widdle ducky. i suppose old prejudices like commonsense are hard to let go of.

  10. Finally called in the big guns, well, actually he turned out to be a rather little gun, likely only came up to my armpit (and I’m only around 5ft 1in). The little gun took 8 hours to turn up, but beats waiting in a hospital, and getting a home doctor visit on any day of the week, let alone a Saturday, is something of which to be grateful. So yes, we have antibiotics, which, even as we speak, I envisage knocking out all the nasty lurgies wandering about within. Wellness and an uninterrupted night sleep are within my grasp!

    Geoff – funnily enough, my little duckie for yesterday, of whom you noted its well fed and pampered life style, was the best I could do by way of a sick duck. If you look carefully one of its little legs is hurt.

    (And yes, all of Mamma Caz’s ducks are extremely well cared for, and they are especially pampered like diddlio on photo shoots).

  11. I hope you're getting better Caz, but in the meantime - and in the true spirit of Duck Friday - I thought these two posts might suit your quaxotic sense of humour ...

    Tim T

  12. It's marvellous to see that the duck essay is not dead Timmy. Excellent links.

  13. Anonymous5:23 PM

    That doesn't sound good, trust you'll get better.