September 17, 2006

Didn’t stop him the first time

Yes, I know, this is old news, and other people have already made the best jokes about it, but I’ve never claimed to be a cutting, leading, or bleeding edge blog. (Besides, a gel has trouble keeping up with anything when she’s dragging herself around like a limp rag doll.)

Brad Pitt is refusing to marry that woman with the pillow lips and a multi-national clutch of children until gay marriage is legalized. Politicians all over the world are cowering in the corners of their offices at such a daring and devastating threat.

The Pitt household has, of course, been inundated with thank you cards from men all over the world, who, just like Brad, have suddenly discovered their deep and abiding empathy with gay people everywhere.

Of course, if gay marriage is legalized,and Ms PillowLips decides to make a further statement by marrying one of her lesbian lovers Brad won’t have to come up with any further excuses. Could work out well all around.


  1. Oh, who cares about these 2 idiots and their useless lives.

  2. Purely because the glitterati can be so darned funny.