August 17, 2006

Yeah – gelatin substances safe to take on planes!

Airport security should stop adding to the never-ending exclusions list, and go the simpler and quicker path of developing an inclusions list – a much shorter beast, it would seem.

We have already identified the first officially safe items to take onto a plane: matches and gelatin-like substances (which must be a huge relief to flight catering firms across the world, as well as pyromaniacs).

"Her carry-on bags subsequently were searched and matches were found in the bag as well as a gelatin-like substance but those items were not deemed to have any terrorist connection or pose a threat to the aircraft," Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told a news conference."

Latest flight drama.


  1. There's always room for jello ;-)

  2. Check out this video:

    Ann Coulter telling it how it is.

    Should help reduce the possible problems on planes should the "description of the suspect" be applied rather than the bullshit excuses being claimed to not use profiling.