August 7, 2006

The great cover up

An un-attributed editorial in The New York Times expressed near breathtaking astonishment at finding out that leaving wounds exposed to the air is not the right treatment.

“It’s not often that a brief news item can totally upend our thinking on an issue. ... For years now, most of us have followed a time-honored ritual in treating the small cuts and bloody scrapes ... Leave the wound uncovered so that it can heal in the open air. ... That, we were assured by our parents and school nurses, is the fastest and safest route to healing.”


Most of us?

Time honored?

Since when?

That’s not what I was ever told by anyone.

Sometimes journalists should speak for themselves, and no-one else.


  1. I've heard it both ways. Seal the wound with a bandage and don't seal it. These are opposing schools of thought among doctors, too.

    BTW I think the only good use for the NY Times is as a liner for a bird cage.

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Salt water. The best thing for any wound (that isn't actually gushing blood)

    And plenty of sunshine. A stroll along the beach and the occasional dip in the ocean will cure any wound.

    And take care of small cuts and bloody scrapes as well.

  3. Geoff - sounds suspiciously like medical advice for commenters on the more, er, robust, blogs.

    You could write a manual of medical advice for bloggers and commenters.


    (That'll be 20%, thank you.)