August 27, 2006

Calibre of Prisoners at all time low

You know things are crook when a crook declares that they want to stay out of jail because the company isn’t up to scratch, and that the pride one used to be able to take in a jail-term-served-well has lost its gloss.

Recently released prisoner, Danielle Sinclair, is putting a successful career in theft and drug crime behind her. We only know of this remarkable personal change in direction as Sinclair wasted no time in picking up a few honest dollars selling irrelevant tid-bits about another prisoner to our local daily tabloid.

“Sinclair has no plans to go back. Jail is no longer the badge of honour it once was.

"Jail never used to bother me, it was just an occupational hazard," Sinclair said. "But I can't believe the calibre of prisoner coming in now."

See, it’s not only your work place that has pathetic recruitment processes. The prolonged job-skills shortage means that every profession is suffering.

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