June 11, 2006

Facts prove uncomfortable

Over in Britain technology to help address car crime has run into a small credibility problem.

The technology is impartial, it has no brain, no social conscious, no inbuilt bigotry of any flavor, no color sensors, indeed, it doesn’t look at people at all – it scans number plates and does some data matching: badda bing, stolen cars are identified as they are driven past one of the dinky automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Now the British police are, it appears, being asked to *explain* why 46% of those being arrested with the help of the new cameras are black.

Could it be, could it possibly be that 46% of stolen cars scanned by the camera were actually being driven by "blacks"?

Solution – technology upgrade: program software to seek out white drivers only, prior to scanning number plates. That should rectify the racially biased arrest rate and lend an unprecedented degree of objectivity to addressing problems of a criminal nature. Damn those pesky demographics!


  1. Yep. Can only address the problem of crime if the crime rates are equivalent to that of the ratios of various coloured people in society to the whites.

    Don't want to appear to be racists, do we?

    Maybe they need to catch some of the crooks in parliament? There is a distinct absence of blacks in there!

  2. Jai - good to hear from you! Your presence is always missed, as are your presents. :-D

  3. Not that I have much use for those cameras, but a very interesting finding.

  4. Yeah - missed in the sense of: "It's been nice and peaceful with him gone!"


    Just been overly lazy lately. Not working. Anyone want to give me a job?