June 23, 2006

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Cute little ducklings Caz. Or should that be caz....Heh Heh. Yes there lurks a smart arse in the blogosphere!!( I knew it wasn't you
    mate you'd be funnier than that!!)

    BTW hope you didn't procure the ducklings from Jenny's farm . I'm in enough shit with her as it is!
    Anyway I think I'm safe over here at your place.Surely she won't find me here. Not unless Geoff spills the beans.

  2. Kathy – just hide behind the fluffy ducks, you’ll be safe there.

    Yep, someone over at Club Chaos is being a dickhead. I suspect it was the same person who made a couple of anon comments about Geoff on a previous thread, and likely the same one who left a couple of seemingly pointless comments on that beaut pic of the lizard. All in all, seems to be a random and witless attacker. Wouldn’t mind so much if it was a little bit clever, but seems nothing more than childish. Besides, if they have something to say, wouldn’t it be much more fun for them to just dump down a long tirade about whatever it is that’s bugging them? Hell, not like they have to use a real name or anything.

    I couldn’t get a handle on what nasty thing you did to poor, sweet, lady-like Jenny. (I avoid going over there, unless I know exactly what I’m looking for, and I only have to spend no more than 30 seconds hanging about.) Was there a particular thread where you and Jenny mud-wrestled or such, that I should go have a look at?

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    No Caz, no mudwrestling with farmer Jenny. Just that one post addressed to Daemon Singer. She took exception to my criticism of WD managemant. Did some detective work ..sigh.. and decided I came from the sewer and had no business pointing out their shortcomings when my own boots had poo all over them. Go figure!

    I hardly ever go near the place myself. I really am quite bemused by all the fuss. Actually it's a real hoot mate!
    Can't believe the STIR I've created! Though must admit Iam partial to a bit of stirring now and then.

    It really was a storm in a teacup though.

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM

    BTW Caz you can have a look for yourself on the WD "Comment moderation" thread. That's where I really cop a serve!

    cheers mate

  5. Kathy, to be pilloried by the precious losers at margo's sandpit is indeed a badge of honour. They take themselves very seriously for people who are mostly taking antidepressants and living off disability pensions. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

    I am with you Caz, I barely go over there these days since margo drank herself into oblivion and tried to give away her unwanted child. At least when she was there, her gaffes and bigoted views were funny (unintentionally of course as humour is strictly forbidden when you are saving the world.)

  6. Anonymous8:15 PM


    I may have mentioned Ck's place a day or two ago but I think I got away with it.

    Anyway sorry ladies. Stum from now on.

    Harry's latest troll? Yeah that would be Anonymous the Brave. The same guy with an unhealthy interest in my perceived nocturnal practices.

  7. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Nice ducks by the way.

    But wouldn't you need at least half a dozen of them to get a decent feed?

  8. Fuzzy duck? Ducky fuzz. Fuzzy duck? Ducky fuzz.

  9. Geoff – step away from the cutlery!

    BTW – I don’t think Harry’s troll is smart enough to figure out much of anything, so not a problem. I thought I’d decline to feed the troll for a while, and hope they get bored – I know I was, by them.

    Timmy – you could write a duck poem with material like that.

    Kathy – haven’t had time to trawl through all the comments yet, but will get to it. Yes, it’s always a perplexing thing that they can have crap flying all over the place (contrary to what they believe) and then a riot will break out over some innocuous little comment from someone polite and delightful, such as your good self.

    Captain – your comment did remind me that no-one on earth, and no journalist on earth, could mangle a sentence, or mangle a thought, to the extent or with the level of abandon that Margo applied to the task. Ah yes, the good old days – little did we know then.

  10. Kathy – found it: well, la-de-da; isn’t she the hoity toity one – and let’s not forget “compassionate”.

    I did enjoy the way she quoted the late, and not-at-all-missed C.R, as her primary reference source and adjudicator as to the type of company you keep on other “boggeries”. Oooh, she is funny, as well as being unable to formulate a thought or make a judgment all on her own.

    It would all be wonderfully risible, if not for the large dollop of churlishness in the corner, smothered with disingenuousness.

  11. Caz,

    re ducks: Cute, cute, cute.

    re: WD: We want Margo!

  12. I don't know what you all are talking about... why don't you shut the duck up! ;-) Just kidding. I just wanted to use the word 'duck' in a clever sentence.

  13. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I liked that one cube!~

  14. Totally off-topic, but all you Australians have got to read this (which I saw via Tim Blair). My sentiments exactly.

  15. Cubicle - a very fine effort; for that you get a special prize: your next TEN comments will be FREE!

    Drunka - ain't that a big warm and fuzzy piece. Kinda makes an Aussie proud to be an Aussie. *blush* Maybe we don't always win, but shucks, at least we get in there with our friends and give it our best go; that's something.

  16. Ducky fuzz may or may not make a good poem, but it makes an excellent theatre game. The person with a stutter invariably wins.