June 11, 2006

China is another country

Fancy having your Mum turn up at school to serve your favorite tucker?

Think the government should block off roads and close down construction sites so that you get a good night’s sleep?

Like to stay in a hotel room and only ride in taxis with auspicious number plates?

All this and more could be yours, if you lived in China.

Yes, exam season is on, and the government and parents of China are banding together to do all they can to support the performance of millions of sibling-free kiddies hoping to achieve a university place.

Police road blocks have been set up around high schools so that students are not disturbed by the usual daily cacophony of noise; construction sites, which normally operate around the clock, have been banned between the hours of 10 pm to 6 am; parents take time off work to provide maximum support and comfort; Mum’s wait at the school gates with favorite home cooked meals for their off-spring to eat between exams; and the wealthy go a step further by booking a comfy hotel room for their precious young ‘un to rest-up and eat their favorite meal between exams in as much comfort as possible.

Every little bit helps the odds when you’re one of nearly 9.5 million students chasing only 2.6 million college and university places.


  1. The number of college spots is actually going to be less this year than it was last year.

  2. I'm the guy in the extreme lower left. Really! (I flunked.)