June 20, 2006

Blow back - of a postive kind

The American Navy provides free corrective laser eye surgery to anyone in the Navy who wants it. Not a bad perk.

Now all those lads and lassies who, because of poor eyesight, may have otherwise been shunted in the general direction of a submarine, or administrative work, can now become fighter pilots, and older serving members can stay in the cockpit much longer.

Mostly good for the Navy, particularly as the competition heats up for places in the preferred fields, as top notch candidates now all have perfect eyesight.

Partly bad, as submarines are having a hard time filing their quota – well, they haven’t met their quota this last couple of years.

If it sounds a bit trivial, consider: as many as one third of each 1000 member Naval Academy class now takes up the offer of eye surgery. That’s around 300 personal who would previously have had more limited job options, but now they can pursue whatever passion takes their fancy, if they make the grades.

Also interesting to read that the eye surgery procedure used by the Navy is different from the one used on most civilians. Read the whole story …

Not everyone wants to be a paperback writer; lots want to be a Navy Seal or a fighter pilot.


  1. I think that they are getting the procedure done so they can look at the 20 best breasts. And we are all entitled to our opinions!!

  2. Hrm, Cazzy, let's see. Post one, we have a piss-take on female neuroses. Post two, we have a piss take on top ten breasts (incidentally, do you think we men are reading your witty asides? Uh-uh-uh! Got about as far as "top ten breasts". Your asides are rather witty, I should add) Post three, something about fighter pilots. Surely you're trying to get head hunted by FHM?

    PS. I feel that femaledom owes it to themselves to start coming up with some amusing nicknames for unusual and unattractive manifestations of the male condition.

  3. OMG! I can’t believe this. I’ve been subconsciously longing for a new *career* path and all along it’s been staring me in the face: I’ve been auditioning to be a writer for FHM!

    Breasts, stealth bombers, it’s all there, it’s all so clear now.

    James: you’re right!

  4. I wish this was around when my brother so wanted to be a fighter pilot...he always wanted to be one...he was an A grade student and I can never remember a day that didnt go by when he didnt have the Wings Of War Magazine out of his hands. In year 11 he found he had quite a deficit in his eyesight..it shattered him.
    Anyhow, I guess it gives people a chance to get in there and join in if they choose to do so..and get some corrective surgery to boot :)

  5. Hey, it's my name sake! Thanks for dropping by Cazzie.

    I noticed that both the navy and the army offer the free eye surgery in America, don't know if they do the same thing here. As much as there is a little bit of an unanticipated and negative consequence, for the most part it seems to be a really good thing for the services and for the individual personel. Such a simple thing, such significant outcome, who would have thought, 'ey?

  6. Fascinating. But hey, I wouldn't mind writing paperbacks for a living. Now if I could only write...

  7. I could never be a fighter pilot anyway - too tall!

    I have already had the laser surgery done though - one of the best things I ever did even if private health cover won't contribute anything and it does put you $5,000 out of pocket. I can see! I can see!
    I can spy boobies even further away than before and NOT get caught doing it!! :D

    The only drawback was that because of the vacuum between my ears, my eyes are sucked back into my head and one of the doodads they use to do the op wouldn't fit.
    It's a bit freaky to lay there on the table and to watch the syringe come down into the corner of your eye followed by a scalpel.

    All the pain of that was paid off by the first thing I saw after getting up off the table was a drop-dead gorgeous nurse :)

    The only drugs you get besides a local is a valium - and they don't work on me anyway! :p

  8. Jai - I would love to have the eye surgery, but you're telling me it HURTS?! I'd never heard that before ... how bad?

  9. No - the laser eye surgery DOES NOT hurt - unless you have deep set eyes - or the constant vacuum between the ears sucking them inwards :)
    (cue: Star trek theme, or maybe Space Invaders :)

    The only off-putting thing that I think most people would have with it is the first machine that does the micro cut on the clear cover over the eye and then the faint smell of burning flesh when the laser hits it.

    I thought that was quite cool actually... laying there going: "...something is burning - oh wow, that's my eye!" :)

    The poor doc was having a hard time trying to keep me focused as you have to keep looking at the light. After about 2-and-a-quarter seconds, I'd be going "What's that over there?"


    "Looking at the light.... looking at the light.... looking at the light... hey - beige paint is peeling off the machine..."


    Repeat.... :)

    I would recommend the Doc I went to to anyone out there even considering it. You can back out at ANY time up until you place your bum on the table and they will refund your money if you back out (less surgery fee cost if you leave it too long).

    There is absolutely NO way in hell that one could say that they didn't know what they were getting into when dealing with this bloke, nor given opportunity to back out.

  10. Jai - yeah, still sounds very disturbing to me, well, at least very disconcerting. Ah, the smell of burning eyeballs ...

    I think I'd still have it done (if a suitable candidate) if I had the spare cash to throw around. Glasses are a total pain, even though I only need them for reading, I think they irritate me more and more, the older I get.