May 31, 2006

The UK at its finest

Still to be finalized, the official British inquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (contrary to the insistence of the MSM, she lost usage of the “Princess” prefix during the divorce settlement), while a matter that could, potentially be taken seriously, seems to have slipped into silliness before the report is even finalized and made public.

Firstly, the senior detective leading the investigation offered up some tantalizing, yet entirely useless bait to journalists while he was “speaking at a literary festival, in Hay-on-Wye, Wales”.

This worthless bit of fluff finishes with the following gob smacking revelation:

A Metropolitan police spokeswoman, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with policy, said she could not comment on the reports.”

Wow. Journalism at the cutting edge. Stand by for more breaking news.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Hey Caz , Just pissed myself laughing mate! What gobbledygook!! " a police spokeswoman speaking on condition of anonymity in line with policy, said she could not comment on the reports."
    (Kath shakes head and throws arms up in the air) BTW .. Just loved the Jay White Jay Black thingy over at Harry,s ( Just thought I'd save some time!! )

  2. I'm a firm believer in efficiency myself Kathy!

    I do hope our Jay is doing okay; nothing that a little bit of aloe vera and a brain tumor removal won't fix ... umm, we hope ... he'll be alwhite in no time ... I think.

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Ahhh Caz... YOU are too funny .!! Gonna put the sprogs to bed now .. Might have an early night myself!! .Night night mate...

  4. Cube took the words right out of my mouth.

  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Heh Heh Heh.. Took me a while to get that one Cube. Bit slow today! Lack of sleep I reckon. The little bloke just did not want to go to sleep last night. Then when he finally did nod off, I couldn't get to sleep myself! Yawn... Excuse me.!!!

  6. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I would also not comment, but only if I could do so anonymously. Since my name appears here, I regret that I must decline to offer no comment.

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    And the winner is .... Mrs drunka.!!!Now I gotta go change my pants again.!!! The're soaked! Ha ha ha ha ha . Hee hee hee hee...

  8. See, none of you will EVER work for the CIA.

    Flaunting your names all over the place!


  9. And may I say a very, very warm welcome to Mrs Drunka, whose charms have not been spread about hither, thither and yon on this little blog before.

  10. Anonymous1:32 AM

    what? I don't get it.


  11. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Thanks for the welcome. Wow! I won the piss-your-pants-laughing award on my very first comment!

  12. Drunkawife - yes, so few are called, and even fewer accept the piss-your-pants-laughing award.

  13. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Awww Caz, I think it is remiss of you to play down the importance and significance of this (inaugural) award. I think drunka wife is a worthy and deserving recipient of this prestigious award. All kudos goes to her!! And the fact that she accepted it is a BIG plus! Good publicity for the blog mate. How many other blogs can boast of such an award!
    The fact that I'm on to my 27TH glass of chardonnay.. has nothing to do with it!!Top Bog er... I mean Top... Blog .. MAAAATE!

  14. Gosh all this piss talk is making me want to go to the bathroom myself.