April 4, 2006

We are amused

Laughing is good for us – seriously!

Lee, of Loma Linda University (tee, hee), provides us with a luminous and lofty lesson on laughing:

"We believe the results suggest that the anticipation of a laughter eustress (positive stress) event initiates changes in neuroendocrine response prior to the onset of the event itself. From our prior studies, this modulation appears to be concomitant with mood state changes, and taken together, these would appear to carry important, positive implications for wellness, disease-prevention and most certainly stress-reduction."


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    In laymen's terms....

    You get health benefits even before you laugh. Nice!

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Gee Caz....I bet Linda's the life of the party!!!!

  3. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I mean Lee.....
    Sheesh, I need a drink ..Been a hard day.

  4. Linda got a bit loopy with Lee as they laughed at the lounging lizard; and you think YOU have had a hard day!

  5. I suspected as much. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  6. I have been encouraging my patients to laugh at me for ages. Ahead of the curve!

  7. So when people laugh at me, doc, should I, too, consider myself ahead of the curve? What if they're laughing because I'm actually behind the curve?

    It could happen.

  8. Drunka - I have a suspicion that you and the Captain may be running neck & neck at some point on the curve.

    In fact, I've sure of it.

  9. Funny sort of article if you ask me!

  10. I bet Linda's the life of the party

    I can imagine the sort of joke she'd tell ...

    "... three neuroendocrines walked into a neurone and met a catalytic converter ... "