April 18, 2006

Blogging Musack – II

Buying take away coffee at new coffee shop down at the local shops:

Large latte thanks”, I say.

We don’t have large; we only have small and regular”, shop person replies.

Okay, regular will be fine thanks”, I say.

Next visit to same coffee shop:

Regular latte thanks”, I say.

That’s a large one [waving prop cup in the air as a visual aid for simpleton customer]; or did you mean a small one?”, shop person replies.

The large one will be fine thanks”, I say.

The above conversation alternates with each visit, on an endless tape loop.

I notice.

None of the shop persons do.


Latest visit to the coffee shop went like this:

Two regular flat whites thanks.”

Shop person commences coffee making process; comes back over to collect money. I hand over $6.00. She insists that it’s only $5.

Oh, did you want large?” she asks.

Uuummm, yes”, I mumble; suddenly finding the ordering of a simple cup of coffee confusing & draining.

They’ve just changed the sizes”, explains shop person.

What are they called now?” I ask, with trepidation.

The small one is now a regular and the larger one is now a large”, she explains patiently.

Okey dokey.


  1. I could write a book about my run ins with insolent cashiers too.

    People can be so frustrating.

  2. Why not switch to starbucks?

    Thanks for the comment. It really made my day.

  3. Still in a blog funk?

    Have a glazed with that large or medium latte. It'll at least give you a sugar rush.