December 18, 2005

Still Silly

Succession planning

From “Ibex” (pseudonym of counter terrorist and insurgency specialist – I want a job title like his) writing in The Weekend Australian:

“Terrorists are showing the energy of desperation. Zarqawi sends out his closest lieutenants as suicide bombers – not much of a succession plan.”

I’ve worked in a few companies just like that.

Cleaning up hard drives

Not convinced that overwriting the files on your hard drive 164 times has quite done the trick of erasing your computing foot steps?

Try the method used by many military organizations, which have far more interesting top secret stuff to destroy than you, so they have far more convincing methods of destruction.

First, remove the iron-ore-covered discs from your hard drive assembly; second, grind the disks into powder; then mix the power with cement; then hand over your enhanced cement power to a local construction company to use in the foundations of new buildings.

Your used up magnetized iron ore is now safe and no-one will ever know your secrets.


Proportion of surveyed Americans who flush the toilet while sitting down on it – one in three.



In the interests of recording and preserving first hand accounts of historical events, anyone can now add stories of interest at

Blogging the old fashioned way

The retired King of Cambodia has a very popular blog, upon which he personally adds posts, from time to time, such as this recent entry.

Death defying business ideas

From Alan Rutman, in Victoria, in a letter to the editor of The Age, bemoaning the well-known warped reporting priorities of the MSM, that is, their tendency to report trivia instead of matters of substance and significance. Mr Rutman concludes his letter with the dazzling money-spinning and news enhancing suggestion:

“I urge all journalists, editors, producers to spend some time reporting on events that may not sell newspapers.”

Yes, that should fix everything.

Happy Stuff

A new site for folks in search of the good news, of which the MSM ignore, unless they are in need of a “dead donkey” filler on a quiet news day - try the happy news site.


  1. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Just a note to thank you for blogging memorywiki. We rely on bloggers to spread the word. The project is growing, largely thanks to folks like you. If anyone has questions, just contact me at

    Marshall Poe
    Editor, MemoryWiki

  2. Nice blog! The happy news site is a bit disturbing ... there's a reason why news is often negative, and that's because bad things happen and have serious impacts on people's lives. Ignoring it by focusing only on the news that makes us feel good is not very productive!!

    -- david

  3. May Peace
    Hope and Love
    be with you
    and Always

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I flush the toilet sitting down because I don't want to know I've been shiting blood and parasites.

    Wow! A kingly blog indeed! It must be some sort of a PR Campaign. Imagine if we could all comment on Bush's Blog! What would the title be then? Will he answer in his own comment section?

  5. Tao - thanks for sharing; we needed to know that...

    I think the King's blog is great, with his entries in his own, very elegant, hand writing, wonderful stuff.

    David - I think the MSM over does the negative-Nellie thing, most especially on important matters. Eg, Iraq: yes, it's not pretty, but to paint it as all black is a lie. It's not as though negative reporting and a singular focus on all the doom & gloom in the world is an act of honesty - it isn't. The "happy news" blog is optional, unlike the MSM, which while also optional, with all of its distortions, is almost unavoidable. I like the idea of being able to find out what GOOD things happened in the world today, that is, other than some flibbertigibbet celebrity giving birth, which I can never convince myself is actually a GOOD thing for humanity – the MSM keeps that stuff covered to the point of over-kill too.

    Avik – Merry Christmas to you too; thank you for a lovely note. Best wishes for the year ahead.