December 13, 2005

Line in the Sand

We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity.

That’s why we now have riots in Cronulla, Sydney.


  1. That's either a very big question, or a very ambiguous question, or both.

    Nonetheless, it is a question.

    In relation to the "riots": there'll be the usual MSM and political commentary and tut, tutting, and then we'll go back to maintaining a silence. This will likely be treated as an anomolie. Until the next time.

  2. Are you suggesting that one side or the other is resisting a dialog?
    I don't know much about this issue (the link didn't work for me).

  3. cube - sorry about the link (some sources take articles down after only a few days, which is annoying).

    I think we sometimes bend over to be politically correct and tolerant and ohh soooo caring and understanding. People are basically stiffled & not permitted to say anything, so you end up with a head of steam that eventually lets rip.

    The terrorist apologists, for example, wail and weep over wanting to understand the "root cause" of terrorism, and demand that we not jump to conclusions, and refuse to condemn acts of terrorism. They want to sit down and have a friendly little chat with terrorists, and let them know that we really, really, do understand, because, after all, we in the nasty "west" really, really, are greedy and ugly, and have all the wrong values, and have no right to live they way we do, etc, etc.

    On the other hand, we have a little bit of a riot in Sydney, with a bunch of nice little Aussies, and they are condemned out of hand, with demands that their behaviours should be punished swiftly and harshly. No-one is bothering to ask about "root cause"; they just yelp about racism & want to lock up the rioters.

    What happens when people are no longer permitted an opinion; when people are not allowed to point out that they don't like some things that other ethnic groups are doing - when they are condemned for objecting to violent and offensive behaviours coming from other cultures?

  4. cube - url below will take you to a summary update of "the troubles" on a post on Tim Blair's site.