November 22, 2005

Help with Difficult Christmas Preparations

In the frantic hurley burley of Xmas, the burden of preparing everything from scratch can be enough to drive the most dedicated bon vivant to a torrent of tears.

, the onerous problem of making fairy bread from scratch has been solved. In one of those – “do’h, why didn’t I think of that” – brain-expanding ideas, you can now buy a pre-prepared slurry of margarine and 100s and 1000s. Just think of the hours you’ll save with the ingenious and long overdue labor saving invention of "Fairy Dust".

Personally, I can’t wait until they bring out the squeeze bottle version. Now that I don’t have to waste time sprinkling, I want to cut down on the spreading. I know: how about frozen fairy bread, and all you have to do is take it out of the plastic and defrost on the bench? Yes, childhood won’t ever be the same again.

[Courtesy free plug - Celestial Fairy pic is by Jessica Galbreth; and isn't it a wonderful likeness of moi in fairy mode - uncanny!]

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