October 28, 2005

This little piggy went to market.......

First it was an innocent piece of ice cream packaging, now it’s plastic containers for loose change.

Not very long ago, Mr Evil Pundit bought us news of the “sacrelicious”, when “The fast-food chain, Burger King,[was] withdrawing its ice-cream cones after the lid of the dessert offended a Muslim.” Notice the “a Muslim” as in: one, single, solitary, lone, solo.

Now the banks in Britain are getting rid of piggy banks, because they “may offend UK Muslims”.

This move was hailed by one Muslim spokesperson as “simply being courteous”, while an opposing Reverend squawked that “next thing we will be banning Christmas trees and cribs”. Ah, actually, Reverend, you’re way too late; many a school and town has already “banned” the nativity scene. Indeed, our own Melbourne Council, this year, is reintroducing “the crib”, with much fan fare, after some years of absence.

But getting back to the pig “problem”: Muslims do not eat pork. Okay, that’s fine. I don't eat brains, or liver, or prawns, or broccoli, or prunes, or glace cherries, but I don’t throw a hissy fit every time I walk into the fruit and veggie market and catch sight of a lush display of broccoli, and I don’t call the local priest, or the police, when I see someone buying a piece of icky liver, which they clearly intend to cook and eat.

Another spokesman trots out the cliché of - "We should learn to celebrate our difference, not be fearful of them." Which is mind-numbing in its silliness. Celebrate not eating pork? How do we do that, exactly? Celebrate piggy banks? Well, some of them are quite cute, sure, but I don’t know that I’d break out in celebration at the site of an especially cute pig. This has nothing to do with celebrating differences.

This is the thin edge of the wedge. This is the envelope being pushed with gusto.

We are being toyed with, tested, pushed, poked, prodded, to see how gullible we are, how stupid, how idiotic we will be in our acts of appeasement and accommodation.

I don’t believe for one second that Muslims walk into a bank and are outraged or offended – for days, weeks, months – because they caught a glimpse of a plastic pig with a slit in its back. I really don’t.

I think we are being made to look like fools; fools who will give up previously normal and unremarkable bits of our everyday and mundane lives because we are being brow-beaten by a minority - sometimes a minority as small as one. Some day we’ll be able to explain to our grandchildren the past shame of the existence of – gasp piggy banks. This is ludicrous. Someone out there is having a never-ending laugh - at us.

I saw some lovely, soft and cuddly, pigs at the “Be Be Boutique” the other day – should they be banned too? New born babes, no longer the recipients of cute little pig’s to hug, and their cots furnished with farm yard mobiles with all food groups represented, except the pig?

What next, people being fined for causing offence for using the old-fashioned expression “bringing home the bacon”? No more references to being “pigs in a poke”? No more nursery rhymes about little piggies going to market, and no little piggies going wee, wee, wee, all the way home?

Enough already. This is not about tolerance. This is not about consideration for other cultures or religions. This has nothing to do with being politically correct – which was, and still is, a euphemism for castrating our intellects and our language; neutralizing words, so that when strung together, they only ever come out in a homogeneous shade of beige. Yes, this great brown land is being beiged into nothingness, and it has been going on for a couple of decades now. Soon all we’ll be able to hear is the soft unified nodding of our empty submissive heads. This is tosh; total tosh! There is nothing to celebrate here.

Damn it – no one is forcing anyone to EAT piggy banks!

Will type for food, hey? NO! We should be typing for bacon and ham, and pickled trotters.

Now time for my dinner, sweet and sour pork, with a bit of not at all special, in fact remarkably average, fried rice. And if you're off there eating broccoli and liver, I don't mind at all, and I will never show even a modicum of outrage; nor should I - it's your body, your stomach, your tastebuds, your choice - eat up, enjoy!

In the meantime, Mr Evil Pundit draws our attention to a far more serious and dangerous example of this encroachment of double standards and cowardice in the face of any would be terrorist, harboring deep and committed hated of all infidels Muslim.


  1. The whole business is crazy, it really is. Fortunately, I think most Aussies (Clover Moore excepted) have a low tolerance for this kind of rubbish.

    May I suggest you dont use pink for your text? It is hard to read

  2. The pink was in sympathy and support of pigs everywhere.

  3. Craig - there are a lot of terrorism apologists in Australia, both online and in the MSM, and these views runs into the "softer" areas, such as those mentioned here.

  4. Hello Caz! Thought I'd pop over for a poke around. Nice digs you got here.

    I thought this was cute...



  5. Feel free to drop in any time James, but I'm not as prolific as you, alas!

    Ah, yes, wonderful link. Just so long as no-one starts waving bunches of broccoli around....

  6. I noticed your distate for glace cherries. Let me say I wholeheartedly agree. And I also wonder who the hell else likes them? Ditto marzipan.

    I think there is a strong case for banning both of them as offensive and horrid abominations.

  7. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I think that if we are to be religiously tolerant, than we should be embrasing Muslim holidas, Jewish holidays and Christian holidays alike. I find it funny (not really) that some find things like christmas trees offensive but get all upset if they cant put up the symbols of their religion durring their holidays. I am a christian, but I do not judge others on their religion. I guess tolerance is all in the eye of the beholder. My town gives children days off from school for Christian holidays, jewish holidays. I don't get upset when my children get holidays off that they dont celebrate, I cant understand why others get upset when christian holidays are taken off.

    Oh, I just came back from my sons school where I was in charge of the planning and putting on the Halloween party.

    (you can have your hour back whenever. in 5 months it will be closer to spring so I can handle the loss of the hour)

  8. I had problems with a bloke at work a few years ago. He came to me and asked me to take down a calendar that he considered to be offensive - it was an Indy girls calendar (girls in bikinis, no nudes). "Fair enough", I thought.

    At that time I was going through a fairly anti-christian time of my life and this bloke put up a sign that said "Jesus is the reason for the season". I was not the only one in the area that thought that fair was fair and that he should take his sign down. He refused on the basis that it was his religion. Not all zealots are islamic.

    For the record, I am anti-religion - it's OK to have faith, but when it is documented what you can and can't do, and there is some bloke in a dress with his hand out saying that the church needs money is when I start to disagree with it. Pray, donate, do what you want - just don't tell me what I can and can't do - that's what the law is for!

    On a more relevant note: Heritage Building Society have piggy banks available and they are really good looking money boxes. They cost $5 though which is a bit *yecch* but they still look pretty good though! Hopefully they won't pander to the minority.

  9. James - LOL!!! Seriously, after I posted I contemplated that marzipan was deserving of its very own post! So, we are in whole hearted agreement. The sole purpose of mazipan is to provide a smooth base for the icing on celebratory fruit cakes, thus ruining perfectly good fruit cake!

    P.S - don't any of you people realise that it was Melbourne Cup day today?! And we even had the most perfect weather, for a change.

  10. Dawn – really interesting to hear that your children get other holidays too, not just the Christian ones. It’s a bit of a slippery slope though, isn’t it, after all, if we in the “west” start recognizing more & more religious holidays, not to mention Chinese new year, and other culturally specific celebrations, where does it start and stop? Do we have them all, which would have governments & employers up in arms, and have a significant effect on the economy, or do we end up having none, even dropping Christian holidays? And will non-Western countries return the favour, by adding all Christina holidays to their calendars?

    We have yet to see any trend in that direction here, or at least none that I’m aware of, although I think employees would be able to approach their employer, on a purely individual basis, to discuss their particular religious holidays, and depending on the job, it’s quite possible that employers would do the right thing, but as I say, that would be at an individual level only.

    I noticed a comment on another blog, a few days ago, in which a Christian lad mentioned his friendship with many moderate Muslims, and expressed the view that whatever happens, in terms of extremists, we are all “in God’s hands”. Which I thought was forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance of the most extreme kind, particularly given that the thread was on the topic of three innocent and defenseless teenage girls who were beheaded in Indonesia, while walking to their Christian school. An act of pure evil, of which, perhaps only Christians may find room for forgiveness, but for the rest of us, I think we struggle against the tight ropes of tolerance at the thought, let alone the actuality, of such a barbarism.

  11. Jai – holy moly – a piggy bank costs FIVE DOLLARS these days?! Sheesh, I must be much older than I thought.

    I used to work in a company where one of the managers, with their own office, had a picture of Jesus sitting up on their filing cabinets, along with a Jesus doll – you know, just like the Elvis dolls that can hang on the rear view mirror of your car. They were displayed so that they faced toward the door of the office, and were, therefore, impossible to ignore. I must admit I was taken aback by this overt display of one’s religious beliefs in the office. I didn’t think it appropriate, but only because such a showy display of religion wasn’t relevant to the work place and the display seemed, to me, to be a proclamation of this person’s sense of moral superiority, which was way out of bounds. Nothing wrong with adhering to a particular moral sense, including religious values, in the way a person conducts themselves in business, but that should be expressed by way of behaviors, not by way of a Jesus doll and 12"x10" glossy. It actually creeped me out a bit, as well as pissed me off.

  12. I can see how that would freak you out. I tend to have the opinion that someone who feels the need to display their religion for everyone else to see, and maybe even try to force it upon others, may not have found the calling in their life that they are looking for. That they will move onto other things when they get bored with what they're doing now.

    People generally know me to be very anti-religion - not anti-faith though - 2 entirely different things in my books.

    My 'beliefs' are very similar to those expressed in the movie 'Dogma' by Kevin Smith. My mum was a devout catholic and she said that it was a good movie (except for the swearing). Those that got insulted by the story are those I consider to be 'professional insultees' - they look for things to upset them so they can whinge about it.

    The movie said that beliefs cause problems but faith and ideas and something MUCH better and adaptable to society.

    I even bought a model of the 'buddy christ' that was used in the movie. It's very cool if you ask me. Go to www.viewaskew.com to see what one looks like.

  13. Oh my gawd! I can't believe you actually bought one Jai. LMAO!!

    So, do you use him mounted on the dashboard, or do you prefer him in the Christ the Computer Companion mode?

    PS - I was hoping for an update on your progress with finding a suitable partner(other than your buddy christ, or course), but I gather from your post on the other thread that you’re spending a lot of time standing on your head, and well on your way to priesthood. I guess that could eventually lead to some interesting posts, particularly if you're the guy who tests the potential gay candidates to prove their three years of abstinence. On the other hand, I think we should all pray for your deliverance into the arms of a lovely damsel.

  14. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Buddy Christ Rocks....he's just so damn friendly!

    Popped by and thought I'd drop my own thoughts into the conversation here :o

    The piggy bank issue had me rolling on the floor, it is complete and utter crap with no basis in reality. It never happened. Media Watch even featured it and spoke to the UK banks where it apparently stemmed from. The banks had not withdrawn piggies at all, they just weren't using them as a promotional tool at the moment. What's frustrating is how quick the media and talkback listeners were to grab onto this issue and run with it. Caz you are spot on someone out there is indeed having a never-ending laugh - at us.

    On the topic holidays, if we ever did become a republic....should we still have the Queens Birthday long weekend?

  15. naridu - yeah, I read about the Media Watch "expose", but I hope you don't take them as gospel on too many things, they are just a tad jaundiced in their little investigations - no better than other biased MSM reporting. Makes for good hyper-ventilating teevee, though, I suppose. (Must admit I don't watch it anymore; it became way too predictable, yawn.)

    All the same, the piggy matter is still much hotter than we like to believe: story books with pigs banned from a school; KFC removing bacon from its menu; the ice-cream wrapping saga is still true (okay, not pig related; did police guidelines for handling "domestic" matters involving Muslims!); piggy ornaments having to be removed from a work desk. On it goes. So, it's not entirely a beat up, these things are happening, and it is breath-takingly silly.

    Nearly missed your question at the end. Good question. NO. We should not even have the Queen's Birthday long weekend now. You know Lizzie's birthday is in May, yes? Yet we take a day off a couple of months AFTER her birthday. I have never waivered in my opinion on this one, which remains something along the lines of "What the ....????!!!!"

    Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Hmmm... suitable partner.... yeah... I doubt that one will turn up anytime soon considering that I've been waiting this long. I *could* have had one when I was much younger (20-ish) but it was my own stupidity and unwavering trait to tell the truth and speak my mind (uh, within reason, of course :) that kinda blew that one (or 2....). Considering that it would take truly saint-like and dedicated women to tolerate me, I probably would be divorced by now had it have happened.

    I can't be a priest either as I know bugger all about the bible (even though I did go to a catholic school and soundly failed religious education :) and I am certified to be safe around children as I got my blue card last week :) (yeah, yeah - low blow - I know that it's only a minority of priests that are rockspiders that have caused all of them to be labelled in this way. Very sad actually.... :(

    Yep - I certainly did buy a buddy christ. It's on the bookshelf out in the lounge :)

    Me? Be the one to test the gay candidates? This wouldn't have to do with little bells tied to 'appendages' and marching some bikini-clad models through the room to see if they can abstain? :)