October 22, 2005

Post hurricane ups and downs

Over in the US, the Senate and the House of Representatives have yet to reach agreement on post-Hurricane Katrina aid programs, but if they ever do, one of the little gems buried in the small print is a $US500 million aid package to help the Gulf States pay unemployment benefits to the survivors.

In the true spirit of giving with one hand, and taking away with the other, this component of the aid package would be paid for by blocking the Federal Government from paying for erectile dysfunction drugs through Medicaid and Medicare, as well as health programs for the poor and elderly. The estimated savings over five years are $US600 million. No figures have been provided on the specific value of the Viagra savings.

In the post-coital wash up of Katrina, re-erecting lives takes precedence over erecting penises.


  1. LOL! You are a hoot Caz...

  2. What good is a penis to a corpse?

    I agree. A funny but serious post there, Caz.

    BTW, your name sounds cool.

  3. T.T - they didn't ALL die! :-)