September 5, 2005

What were they thinking?

We all know that the response to the aftermath of a hurricane hitting the USA have been sub-optimal, but I’m wondering if the efforts and intelligence belatedly applied in New Orleans have reached some new diabolical low.

From The New York Times (05 Sept) comes this disturbing summation:

“As rescue operations went on, the frustrations of the police and volunteers continued to mount Sunday, as a growing number of those who had stayed in their homes seemed to be dead, and many of those who remained alive refused to leave.”

If we take this reporting seriously, are we to believe, then, that the incompetence applied to addressing the aftermath of this natural disaster now includes an inability to deploy anyone who is suitably accomplished at identifying those who are actually dead?

Can this get any worse. (Don't answer that!)

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  1. I know you said not to answer this question but I'm sorry... I just can't resist. It already is worse because of the attitude of some white southerners. My mother lives down there...Go read what she had to say about the victims in New Orleans: