September 8, 2005

The Great Failing of Science

Every day science presents us with an ever increasing menu of contradictory and confusing evidence about what is and isn’t good or bad for us, and what is and isn’t good or bad for the environment.

For example, perhaps we have destroyed the natural environment to such an extent that all continents will eventually be covered in water, or ice, or midgets, or mayhem, or unbearable sunshine, or something other than what we have now. I don’t actually know, and I really can’t reach my own conclusions, because the science is profoundly bewildering and incongruous, and the experts will not, cannot, or willfully refuse, to agree on anything to do with the environment, or any other subject.

The only science that never changes (other than that smoking is the cause of a wide range of death inducing disease) is that broccoli is unequivocally good for you. This never ever changes. Broccoli is always at the top of the list of foods that we really should eat, lots and often. This is the only clear, repeated, unmoving, unanimous fact that science has served up in all its icky green foliaged glory.

Broccoli will probably always be at the top of the goody-two-shoes list, which might go some way toward explaining why science is increasingly shunned in preference to more fanciful belief systems and extreme ideologies. It could turn out the broccoli is the root cause of the slow death of rational thought and study and debate. If only science had paid a bit more attention to image and PR and given us a more enticing veg.


  1. Broccoli is also delicious.

    Take one medium onion, 1 head of broccoli, chicken stock, basil, celery seed, cracked pepper.

    Brown the onion in a large pan.

    Add water, then the chopped up broccoli, chicken stock (I use the massel brand vegetarian stock - 2.5 - 3 cubes for this size), basil, celery seed and pepper. Just add enough that you can smell each herb.

    Boil the crap out of it all.

    When the broccoli is tender, turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool. (But not too much)

    Blend results, and place backin the pan on the heat.

    Stir and taste. You can add pepper or other things to taste, but I usually don't.

    When you have the taste you like, it's done!

    Serve while hot.

    You can also add either regular cream or sour cream. Both are really yummy.

    This has been another chapter of Prolapsed Catholic Cooking. :)


  2. niknarf - you are the daughter my Mum always wanted. Bet you have a tripe recipe too.. hmm?