August 27, 2005

Gods and Underpants

Do gods - inclusive of any deity of your choice, whether omnipotent or omnipresent - have to wear underpants?

If so, which type and what colour?


  1. No

    Only if you are a superhero you have to wear Y fronts OVER your tights

  2. No! What would be the point of being a god if you had to wear underpants?

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    gods should either be robed or nude

  4. Iexpect that they would wear Deity G-Strings, unless they were incarnated as human, in which case the underpants of choice are Avatar Briefs.

  5. Yeah gods don't have to wear underpants. They can wear whatever they please. I would wear a kelvar suit with nothing underneath if I were a god. But I'm not. So I just wear underpants