July 28, 2005

What to do next

When Cell Phones Become Oracles

Finally – and it’s long overdue - help may be at the fingertips of anyone who forgets what they were going to do next. At some point in the future, probably in a year in your lifetime, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone to data mine your own life, which sure beats having everyone else data mining your life without permission or purpose.

It’s only 85% accurate at the moment, even down to being accurate about a person suddenly deviating from their mundane predictability, but still, 85% is pretty good when your brain stops and you just don’t know what comes next. This would definitely be a handy little gadget when Alzheimer’s starts setting in.

This can even let you know who you should, or shouldn’t, be having lunch with on Thursday, based on past patterns of behaviour. Ah….actually, that won’t be such a problem soon...we’re all set to negotiate the indulgence of our lunch breaks away under our collective new working conditions. Well, that’s a good thing then, one less thing to not need to remember - and any deviations will be recorded, ready for mining.

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